7 Ways To Find Vocal Twang – #infographic

7 Ways to Find Vocal Twang - a handy infographic resource - for more resources download the CVI Complete Vocal technique App

Welcome to The Official CVT UK Association

The Complete Vocal Technique is one of the fastest growing vocal techniques in Europe...and now we're starting to gain recognition in the UK and there are more UK teachers choosing CVT as a vocal teaching tool. Authorised by the Complete Vocal Institute to set up this...

What is Twang?

TWANG! lET YOUR INNER DUCK OUT! The word twang is used in a number of different ways: some people talk of the ‘Southern twang’ of some American accents; some would describe the sound of an electric guitar as ‘twangy’; others refer to is as a voice quality (Yanagisawa,...

What is Metal? CVT vocal Terminology Explained

The Definition of Metal and the Metallic Sound in Singing Some sounds have a more metallic sound than others. All singers, singing all musical styles, sing with metal in the tone although they sound different. A pop/rock singer, for example, uses a more distinct...

Meet Authorised CVT Teacher Jackie Hole

Singing since the age of 4, Jackie was once told that she couldn’t have a singing part in a school play when because ‘nobody wants to hear that voice’ (she was 7) . With confidence knocked, Jackie became a legend in her living room instead mimicking her favourite pop...

Welcome to the website of the CVT Network in the UK. Here you will find information and contact information for authorized CVT teachers in the UK

With a growing number of vocal teachers teaching CVT, the quality of teaching is of the utmost importance to make a clear distinction between authorized and unauthorized teachers. This can be seen in the “Authorized Teacher” seal, which only authorized CVT teachers are allowed to use. All of the CVT vocal teachers listed here are authorized and have completed their 3-year graduate education at the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen. They are qualified according to CVT standards to teach based on the latest vocal research, vocal technique and vocal pedagogy.

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European Vocal Camp

Jackie Hole is appearing as a guest teacher at the European Vocal Camp 2018 teaching Vocal Effects, Lyric Interpretation and a bonus class of Digital Marketing for Singers

Intro To Vocal Effects

Want to understand the basic principles of using vocal efects for expression in singing? Want to explore rock & metal sounds? This intro workshop is for you

Intro to CVT 2 Day Workshop

Come and find out why CVT is one of the fastest growing methods for effective vocal training

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