In our series of vocal effects posts, we explore ways to find the whistle register – one way to explore safely is to try to find whistle using creak or vocal fry – take care and don’t push too hard or you might feel a little sore! Listen to your body 🙂

one way to access Whistle notes is to go via Fry Scream – CVT Vocal Coach Jackie Hole shows you how to find vocal fry, how to fry scream and how to access whistle using fry in the video below – enjoy!

Video Script

Today I’m going to talk to you about the whistle register.

[title:] that singing show – whistle

Now the whistle register the elusive high register used by people like Georgia Brown, Mariah Carey, Ariana grande and of course Adam Lopez who is the current world record holder for the highest note ever recorded and he’s a male

[title:] using vocal fry to find whistle

How I found whistle was to access it using something called vocal fry. Vocal fry is really useful in accessing the lowest notes possible and the highest notes possible it occurs on your vocal folds themselves and it sounds a bit like this:

[live sound example] vocal fry / vocal creak noise example

you can also access it by taking a note and going as low as you can [sound example] – that kind of sound is also used – the sub glottal harmonics are used for really low singers the guy that’s got the lowest note in the world also uses creak you can also add a note to it, but then it becomes creaking so people like Billie Holiday use this in jazz, people use a lot of creak and you have. You have things like this:

[sings] ” Oh Lord Won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz example with fry and creak

[sings] oh baby baby [Britney Spears example]

You can also use creaking to access something called fry scream if you’re into metal music or you want to make a bit more noise and you can find that either by going inwards [sound effect of inwards fry scream] and you go outwards [sound effect of outwards fry scream]… but this is still vocal fry with a note so it’s creaking but with a high note now if you continue to go higher and higher and higher with that note you can access whistle [sound effect – creak to whistle]

[sound effect – creak to whistle]
[sound effect – london bridge is falling down using whistle register, whistle notes, whistle singing]
[title – that singing show – recap]

Just one more time just so you can see how you do it:

1. find your fry [fry sound]

2. find your high note [fry scream sound]

3. go higher … [example] – DONE

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[title – that singing show – thanks for watching]

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