Meet The UK based CVT Teachers

Meet Authorised CVT Teacher Jackie Hole

Singing since the age of 4, Jackie was once told that she couldn’t have a singing part in a school play when because ‘nobody wants to hear that voice’ (she was 7) . With confidence knocked, Jackie became a legend in her living room instead mimicking her favourite pop...

Meet Authorised CVT Teacher Michael Hill

As an authorised Complete Vocal Technique teacher, Michael has the
 experience, training and passion to explore all
 the sounds the human voice can make.
His vocal coaching has encompassed a wide range of different performers and 
styles – from teaching singing and...

Meet Authorised CVT Teacher Ben WJ Woodward

Ben is a singer, songwriter and solo artist and has been playing music for 26 years. Having worked with an entire range of bands from swing bands, to wedding bands and his own pop, rock and funk outfits. Ben has learned from many methods of singing, most notably the...