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Singing Sale from 1st - 31st January 2019

Learn to sing with CVT. Adult Singing Lessons for all abilities from beginner to pro Classes are fun, welcoming and teachers specialise in a range of techniques.

Teachers are fully authorised in the Complete Vocal Technique and many perform professionally on a regular basis.

Learn in person, or online via SKYPE or take a short course in Vocal Technique

You can also buy gift vouchers. Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase so you can buy now while the sale is on to enjoy discounts for the whole of 2019!

Pre-Christmas Sale – Save on Individual Lessons

15% OFF 30 Min

Was £30 – now £25
Saving 15%

20% OFF 45 Min

Was £45 – now £38
Saving  20%

OVER 30% OFF 60 Min

Was £60- now £45
Saving over 30%

Buy Lessons in Advance and Save up to 50%

35% OFF 300 Min (5 hours)

Was £300 – now £225
Saving 35%

50% OFF 600 Mins (10 Hours)

Was £600 – now £400
Saving  50%

*London in person lessons incur a London Surcharge due to renting rooms for lessons on an as and when basis – please see our London Lesson charges

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